Flash Prototypes

I worked on various prototypes on Flash and Action Script 3.0. The examples given below are small projects I have done on my own with an idea to extend them further. They have been built on a scalable and modular architecture. Given below are some sample screen shots. Please contact me in case you want to see the complete working version in flash.

Learning from Confucius – A web-based prototype for school-children. Read more about this project on learningfromconfucius.wordpress.com.


Interactive Historical Timeline: As a kid, I never could get around learning history. I always wished if I had a time-machine which could make the dull and static historical content into a time machine sort of experience, where I exactly know what is happening around the world during a particular era; a system that could inform me about the relationship between events. My project “An Interactive Historical Experience” is aimed at providing a way to know about history in an environment which is engaging, enriching, and a quality learning experience. Keeping in mind the scope and timeline, the project would concentrate on Indian History and Revolutions. The reason to choose this project is to take a step further into a learning and development environment as that’s the area I wish to pursue my research into.


Solar System: The objective of this project was to create a significant interactive application based on an original design-idea. The primary goal was to apply the Action Script concepts along with basic Flash designing.



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